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Extra Curricular Activities

What extra curricular activities does COL offer?

At Circle of Love the following extra curricular/enrichment classes are offered by these outside independent companies. For enrollment and payment inquiries, please contact the company directly! Thank you!



Gymnastics, Dance, & Exercise!

Gymstars is an action packed class that focuses on Floor Tumbling and the proper use of beams, bars and vaults. We strive to make this class not only fun but also help the gymnast gain strength, flexibility and coordination through an artistic endeavor. These classes are for both Intermediate and Pre-K students. Our coaches are fully trained in USGF spotting techniques. Classes are on Monday and Tuesday afternoons.

Gymstars Contact Info: (310) 546-STAR


Creative Dance for Children

Webby offers fun and exciting dance classes weekly on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Our professional and caring instructor will introduce your child to beginning tap, ballet, rhythm & movement. We provide age-appropriate music, fun props and action packed classes! Children will benefit by building their memory, coordination, creativity and self-confidence, all in a positive atmosphere. Webby is offered Wednesday  and Thursday afternoons.

Webby Dance Contact Info: (562) 594-5500


Computer Literacy Class


Little Click Club breaks down technology terms and tasks in a fun and entertaining way that young children not only understand, but love. In the world of tablets and smart phones, learning how to use a traditional computer and mouse gives kids a sense of confidence that will gear them up for computer-based standardized testing in elementary schools, and for computer coding and programming as they grow up. Little Click Club students gain a sense of independence by being in command of their own computer each week while working in a group setting. Each session provides a different set of computer detective missions to boost the following skills: keyboard/mouse basics, internet safety, thinking and problem solving, early reading/writing, listening, concentration, team work and self confidence. This puts these smart computer detectives one step ahead and prepares them for the ever-changing, digital age they will thrive in as adults. The Little Click Club class is on Tuesday afternoons.

Little Click Club Contact Info: (480) 694-9923


Language Class -- Register, HERE!


Join Miss Elena for Spanish on Monday, Thursday, and Friday mornings (depending on child age group) here at Circle of Love Preschool! Children will learn Spanish vocabulary through play, singing, and conversation. Beginners & Intermediate children will have class on Mondays. Pre-K children will have class on Thursdays. TK children will have class on Fridays. Spanish will be offered in the AFTERNOONS starting at 2:30pm.

Spanish Class Contact Info: (310) 545-5653 x221



Payment can be made via cash or check and delivered to the COL Office. (Make checks payable to Circle of Love.)

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