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Pizza Fridays

via Circle of Love

A hot lunch consisting of cheese pizza, fruit/veggies, and yogurt is offered on FRIDAYS at Circle of Love (except for July, August, and the first week of school in September).  The hot lunch menu for the month is placed in each student’s folder one week in advance.  Parents need to indicate which Fridays their child needs hot lunch from the school in the space provided.  Lunch purchased in advance (by Thursday morning) will be $4.00 each; lunch purchased after Thursday morning or the day of will be $5.00


The order form and fee need to be brought to the school office.  The cost of lunch is handled separately from tuition.  Please do not include lunch fees in with your tuition check. Hot lunch is not available the first week of school.


Our hot lunch service is not required. Children may bring their lunch prepared from home in a lunch box with their name on it and the date the lunch was brought to school. (Lunchbox date stickers are available in all the classrooms.)  There are microwave ovens in each classroom.  The teachers will warm up your child’s lunch if needed.

Hot Lunch Menu

Click to download the monthly Hot Lunch calendar!

Copies always available in the School Office.

COL Lunch Options 23-24
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