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What does Circle of Love mean by a "play-based" curriculum?

About Curriculum

The educational curriculum has been designed to be exceptional in all ways.  Our program is full of exciting, well-designed challenges to inspire and motive each child.  Our Pre-Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten programs have been designed to prepare each child for Kindergarten – filling each child with reading and math readiness skills, confidence, and a love for learning.


The activities for children are developmentally appropriate and promote success for the child because they are geared to their developmental stage and individual ability and interest.


Children need years of play with real objects and in different situations before they are ready to understand the abstract meaning of symbols such as letters and numbers.  Learning takes place as children touch, manipulate and experiment with things and interact with people.  They need to see it, touch it, feel it, taste it or hear it before it has meaning.  During play, when they are actively involved, they become motivated to experiment and discover.  Through play, your child will develop problem solving, social and communication skills as well as baseline skills that are needed to build a foundation for complex conceptual and abstract learning.


At Circle of Love Preschool, children’s play is considered essential to their learning and as such is the major component of our curriculum.  The curriculum considers this process of learning as entirely necessary before “products” of learning may be expected.

- Circle of Love Preschool Parent Handbook

What classes does Circle Of Love offer?

Rainbow Room  -  2 Years 

COMING FALL 2023! This class is for our youngest children. They must be 2-years-old by September, or turn 2 in September. Children in the Rainbow Room do not need to be potty trained. This class offers an inviting setting with developmentally appropriate toys, arts and crafts, and story time. Play is how we learn!

​Beginners  -  2 1/2 Years 

This is the beginning... Children in our Beginners room must be 2 and a half years old and potty-trained by September. A warm, nurturing preschool experience, this class offers an inviting setting with toys, housekeeping center, dress-up clothes, arts and crafts and story time.

​Intermediate  -  3 Years 

Three year olds are full of questions about the world around them. Who, what, where, and why? These are the questions every three year old asks! So the experiences provided for this age group are designed to develop the "whole child" - intellectually, socially, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Our daily routine consists of activities the children love to do - signing, arts and crafts projects, puzzles, manipulative toys, dramatic play objects, science experiments and stories. All of these activities help answer children's questions about the world around them. In a variety of age appropriate ways, children will discover letters of the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, science, art, and music. Each day includes time for exploration, dramatic play, large motor activity, a snack, and quiet/rest time during the first part of the school year. The children's spiritual growth is central to our ministry. Each day, our preschoolers learn about Jesus Christ through Bible stories, verses, songs, prayer, and drama. They learn that Jesus loves them, cares about their needs, and is their special friend and Savior. The "threes" teaching staff provides a calm, secure, loving, and nurturing environment for the little ones in their care.

Pre-K  -  4 Years


We are getting ready! In our classes for four year olds, emphasis is provided on the skills that are foundational for success in kindergarten and the elementary grades. Our goal is to make learning fun!

We incorporate reading readiness, language development, thinking and listening skills, printing readiness, and math readiness activities into our daily routines. Each day includes time for singing, exploring learning centers, dramatic play, large muscle activities, science, and arts and crafts. "When we play, we LEARN!"

Four-year-olds will learn about Jesus Christ and His great love for them through Bible stories, songs, verses, prayer, and dramatic arts. This is a truly special time in a child's development.

Pre-K is an essential year to prepare for Kindergarten. The social-emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual development that occurs in this year is vital in setting the foundation for future learning. Let Circle of Love Preschool make this important year of your child's life FUN and EDUCATIONAL!

Transitional Kindergarten (TK)  -  5 Years

We are excited to offer parents another option for their children who have completed a four year old program, but need an extra year to develop physically, socially, emotionally, or academically prior to entering kindergarten.

Transitional Kindergarten will serve as a bridge for children who need the gift of time - time essential to absorb and express ideas and concepts, to learn more about social skills and friendships, to develop independence and examine the world around them. This will allow young five year olds the added time needed to develop the confidence and maturity necessary for success in kindergarten.

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