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Enrollment  Info

Our school is open to all who desire a Christian preschool education for their children. There is no discrimination on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, or religion. First consideration, however, will be given to applicants who are members of First Lutheran Church and to siblings of children already enrolled

Admission Requirements

Beginning Fall 2023, Circle of Love will accept children aged 2 years to 6 years of age. Children who turn two-years-old in September and are not potty-trained will be placed in our Rainbow Room. Children who are 2.5 (two and a half) years and potty trained are eligible for our Beginners Room. Children 2.5+ must be fully potty trained.

"Fully potty trained" to Circle of Love, means children are consistently able to care for their own bathroom needs. This means children are able to tell teachers when they need to use the potty. They should be able to get onto/off the potty by themselves and pull their pants/underwear off and back on by themselves. They should be able to wipe themselves or be able to try and wipe themselves.

Only children in the Rainbow Room (2 year olds) are not required to be potty trained. Circle of Love requires children in all of our other classrooms to be fully potty trained on their first day of school. When a teacher takes a child to the bathroom, more often than not, they have multiple children to assist so children should be very nearly self-sufficient in the bathroom. All our teachers regularly take their classes to the bathroom and frequently ask "if anyone needs to use the potty?"


Potty training occurs when a child is ready; every child is different! We are here to support your children on their developmental journey! When children can take care of their own needs, this not only boosts self-confidence but also their independence.

Admission Procedure

An application for admission is available by request; please contact the school office. There is also a downloadable application here, which you may mail or email to the school. Informational brochures are available, and parents may make an appointment for a tour of the school. Students may be admitted to Circle of Love Preschool at any time during the school year provided space is available. Each new school year begins the first day after Labor Day. The process for admission in September usually begins in January. At that time, an invitation is mailed to those who have indicated their interest in Circle of Love. They're informed of the schedule for informational meetings and small group tours. Reservations need to be made prior to the tour meeting. Applications are often submitted at the end of the group tour.


Though Circle of Love is open year-round, we operate on a school year calendar. Our classes are geared to begin in September. To enroll your child in September you must apply in January. Group tours are offered during the months of January and February. Please call to schedule your tour, (310) 545-5653, ext. 221. If you are interested in enrolling, you may pick up a registration packet at the tour, or download the packet off our website and then mail it in or hand deliver it.


If your child is not yet eligible, contact us to put your child's name in our database. We will notify you, by mail, at the beginning of the year your child becomes eligible for enrollment.

For more enrollment information, watch our Virtual School Tour: HERE

Priority Enrollment

Circle of Love Preschool has a priority enrollment process. Registration priority is based on the following criteria:

  1. First Lutheran Church members and staff

  2. Current students/siblings

  3. Family who has had a child enrolled in the past

  4. Community at large

New Student Enrollment

Please call for current enrollment information. School office: (310) 545-5653, ext. 221.

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