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Nicole Potvin

Intermediate Red Teacher

Ms. Nicole Potvin (Ms. Nicole) graduated from Mira Costa in 2013 with 150 volunteer hours at a local day care and elementary school and started teaching in preschool settings as a teacher in 2016. Ms. Nicole has 28 units in early childhood development through El Camino, and is CPR certified. She was given certificates for most inspirational student in 2013, beginner ASL, and in 2022-2023 made the El Camino dean's list. She loves children and she is always thrilled to be a part of their day. She always wants others to remember they are worthy and does her best to lift others up. In her free time she enjoys working out, dancing while using her flowstar/lightwhip/hula hoop, roller skating, and spending time in nature as well as being with people she loves. Ms. Nicole does her best to bring positivity everywhere she goes and always gives her all everything she does. Ms. Nicole is somebody that strives to make a difference in this world and teaching is one of the most rewarding ways to do so. With love and positivity Ms. Nicole always welcomes others with open arms and wishes the best for everyone.

310 545 5653 x227

Nicole Potvin
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